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What qualities does Tax Care look for in a prospective franchisee?

We are looking for entrepreneurs with a passion for success, the ability to run and expand a business, and a sincere desire to provide the best services and client experience possible.

Why a Tax Care Franchise?

Start closer to the finish line. Start a business knowing that others have achieved results—with the exact same model—before you. Get support at every turn of your business, from startup to training to advertising, and so on!

Do I need professional tax experience?

No. You don’t need tax, bookkeeping, or accounting experience to be awarded a franchise. We have comprehensive training and support from the home office in place. Further down the line, though, you may want to secure an Enrolled Agent registration to maximize benefits and revenue.

Will I get training?

Absolutely, every step of the way! You will get in-depth start-up training in Tax Care operating procedures and technology, including our software and client portal. You will have access to educational materials 24/7 from anywhere on the Web.
Our support team will guide you in staying abreast of the tax industry and tax law, as well as providing on-going support for growing your business, every step of the way.

How much field support will I receive to establish and operate my franchise?

As Tax Care Franchise owner, you will have a dedicated local field management team who is personally interested in your success. Our field managers are there to assist you in every step of your way.

What are the Franchise Fee and Royalties?

The franchise fee is $56,000, and the ongoing royalty fee is 10%.

How long will the entire process take?

Based on our experience, we anticipate it will take about two to four months to develop your franchise and get it ready for opening day.

How Much will be the investment for a Tax Care Franchise?

The cost to buy a Tax Care Franchise varies, but based on our experience, the total cost for a new franchise will be from $120.000 to $200.000. These amounts include working capital and/or additional funds. If you already own an accounting firm the total cost will be from $18.000 to $40.000, and you might be able to apply for financing.

Can I apply for a US Visa by purchasing a Tax Care Franchise?

The process should be initiated and supervised by a specialized attorney. But, we have many cases of success in obtaining a legal migratory status by investing a tax care franchise.

Can I sell my Tax Care Franchise at any time?

Totally. You can sell your Tax Care Franchise and/or partner it with third parties at any time. At this time all of our franchise owners still own their business and keep growing their business every year. Even a couple of them have gotten offers to sell their business. Additionally, accounting firms are usually valued by 50% to 200% percent of their annual sales.

What is Tax Care market?

As a Tax Care Franchise owner, there's a world of opportunity ready for your expertise within the framework of our proven systems. Take on consideration that over 70% of all businesses in USA are small businesses employing fewer than 20 people that need the services that Tax Care provide.