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Option 1: Franchise unit

US $156,000 to $256,000

Invest in creating your own Tax Care franchise office, integrating our entire business model. Receive raining and all the strategic advice for the development of a successful business in the United States.

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Option 2: Conversion

US $33,600 to $44,800

Do you have your own accounting office? Do you have the business experience but want to reach a bigger market, integrate new tools to make you more efficient and grow your customer base? Tax Care has an option to integrate your accounting office to our franchise and you can take advantage of all the marketing, training, operation and technology advantages offered by Tax Care.

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Option 3: Area Development

US $206,000 to $356,000

We have a special business model for individuals or organizations with the desire to generate diversified income who wish to develop and manage multiple Tax Care offices in a geographic area and take advantage full advantage of its potential.

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Option 4: Master Franchise

US $350,000 to $650,000

A Master Franchise gives you the exclusive right to own a large territory and the sub-franchises within it. A major benefit to owning a Master Franchise is that you keep a share of the royalties and initial franchise fees of all the sub-franchisees within your master territory. As a Master Franchise owner, you will sell, coach and support Tax Care Franchisee Owners in a designated region, using Tax Care's proven concepts and methods.

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Do you want to invest in an already established office with a market already advanced in its development? You can purchase any of our Tax Care offices available...

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