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Recommendations to declare taxes in the United States
As we already know tax returns can be done for free through the government's page (Free File of the IRS), but this is only recommended for simple employees, people who receive W2, because the procedure for them is less complicated. In the case of those who are...

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How to file a tax return in the United States
Determine your situation and identify the necessary information to start. To declare it is necessary to know when to do it and what information you must gather. The general information to present your declaration of the Internal Revenue Service can help you in the...

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Let’s talk about Taxes
The federal, state and local governments in the United States are huge structures that require very large amounts of money to operate and maintain. It is for this reason that there is a complicated tax system that must be paid nationally and locally. The tax system of...

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Entrepreneurs: Grab these last-minute tax breaks while you still can
If you're an entrepreneur, you're running out of time to reduce your 2017 tax bill. That means it's time to whip out your receipts, review any upcoming payments and fund your retirement plans. "For small business owners, accelerating deductions and deferring income is...

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Want to start a business? You have to avoid these 4 bad habits
When you least expect it, we have at hand the ability to take on new challenges and in this world of entrepreneurship and new businesses, being adapted to each of the demands that may arise is almost as necessary as taking eight glasses of water every day. But like...

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How to pay your taxes as a foreign resident or a non-resident of the United States
Within the United States the Internal Revenue Service or IRS is the body in charge of administering and collecting the taxes of each of the US citizens but also of those foreigners resident of non-residents with certain permanence in that nation. The way in which the...

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Tax Care offers tax advice to international students
If you are from another country and you are studying in the United States, you must submit your tax return every year to guarantee your stay in this country. In case you do not know how to pay your taxes, at Tax Care we have prepared the following form with frequently...

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Corporate Setup: Register a company in the United States without being a resident
The United States leads the list of the eight nations where it is easier to do business. This is because registering a company in this territory is not at all complicated for residents or foreigners, even when you want to make a registration without having to move to...

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IRS allows tax extension for disaster victims
After the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), modernizes its system of processing individual income for the electronic tax return for the year 2016, the entity reported that after this Saturday, November 18, 2017, all people, including those who live in disaster areas,...

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How To Generate Revenue Without Taking On More Clients
Smart technology has transformed the world of accounting; giving you more time (and money) to spend on retaining clients. In fact, a recent study found that cloud-based accounting firms had five times the amount of clients compared to traditional practices - now...

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